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Your Jeweler and Commercial Safe Provider in Miami, Florida

Jewels locker

Jeweler Safes

Harwood’s Miami Safe provides quality safes to jewelers anywhere in the nation. Our safes have been tested and Underwriters Laboratories rated to withstand attacks. We also offer safes with fire protection, allowing you to prepare for whatever disaster may strike. Don’t be caught unprepared. Call Harwood’s Miami Safe or visit our showroom today.

Keep Your Jewelry Safe

About one in 16 jewelry stores get robbed per year. Don’t let your store be next. The safes from Harwood’s Miami Safe help to protect your jewelry and other valuable products. Visit our showroom or give us a call today to find an unparalleled inventory of the most secure safes. We will help you find the safe your business needs..

Our Options

Our top-of-the-line safes offer stellar protection. The Gem Vault TL-15, Jewel Vault TL-30 and Diamond Vault TL30x6 offer two hours or more of fire protection. In addition, the Diamond Vault TL30x6 is known to be one of the toughest safes in the industry. We also carry the LaGard Basic II, which offers industry leading security and electronic locks.

Other Commercial Uses

Harwood’s Miami Safe boasts the largest inventory of safes in stock nationwide. In addition, we provide services nationwide. Wherever your business is located and whatever you may need, Harwood’s Miami Safe has the safe to fit your requirements. If you are nearby, visit our showroom for a demonstration on what makes our safes the best.

Depository Safes

Whether you work for a restaurant, a supply store or another business that handles cash, depository safes are for you. These safes are the quickest, easiest and most efficient way to instantly secure your cash. By installing a depository safe in your business, you help limit robberies and internal threats. Stop by our showroom today and secure your business now.