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Find Your Secure Modular Vault in Miami, Florida

Modular Systems locker

An Efficient Solution to Safety

Originally, many vaults were poured into place. Over the years, modular vault panels have become a more preferred and efficient way to provide safety. Modular vaults allow for customization and faster installation time. Our modular vaults provide all the protection with none of the hassle.

Satisfy Requirements

Not only does the safety of a vault protect your belongings, but many insurance companies have safety regulations. Harwood’s Miami Safe provides the best safes with the best security. If you are looking to fill a specific regulation, give our friendly staff a call. We are happy to help you get the safe that fits your needs.

Reputable Ratings

We carry vaults with high Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and General Services Administration (GSA) ratings. UL performs attack tests on the vault panels for burglary resistance. Each safe is put into a class based on the time estimated for a burglar to break in. The GSA rigorously tests these vaults and safes further. A GSA-approved safe qualifies for use in government projects.

Vault Selection

Harwood’s Miami Safe works hard to provide the best security offered. Stop by our showroom for a demonstration of the security provided by American Vault. With over 40 years of experience in high-security modular vaults, Harwood’s Miami Safe is sure to have what you need.

American Vault 210 Series Modular Vault Systems

The American Vault 210 Series modular vault systems are made with quality construction. They begin with an exceptionally high strength core and provide high security. These are all UL-rated as Class M or above to provide the best security possible. The American Vault 210 series comes in many sizes for whatever your needs may be. Contact us today to learn more.

American Vault 100 Series Vault Doors

The American Vault 100 Series Vault Door provides safety with a sleek design. These doors provide a clean and modern appearance that will complement any décor. A courtesy light and ventilator with pass-through are located on the back of the door. These doors also provide a time lock and a full-length locking bar. Find safety in a user-friendly and visually pleasing design.

American Vault Safe Deposit Boxes and Lockers

American Vault safe deposit boxes and lockers are constructed with a coated steel case designed for endurance. Each lock is double nose UL listed and comes with two customer keys. For increased safety, the hinges interlock with frame members. Contact Harwood’s Miami Safe today to learn more about the safety and affordability of our deposit boxes and lockers.